Stop Spreading Fear – Start Spreading IMMUNITY

Viruses are PROGRAMMED to self-duplicate, until you develop IMMUNITY. They are GUARANTEED to run thru the population, that’s what they do!You probably already had Covid19 and if you don’t get it now, you’ll get it next fall!Flattening the curve is important because of resources but what’s more important is NATURAL IMMUNITY because vaccines don’t always work and they have unwanted side effects.Stop pushing FEAR and START PUSHING IMMUNITY!The same energy you are using to spread fear, you could be spreading IMMUNITY.Fear and Stress don’t help the immune system. They make it worse.You can quarantine all you want but the virus won’t go away. It will be back in the fall. That’s what viruses do. Viruses gonna virus.If you are promoting fear but not promoting and helping people build up their immune systems, you are not helping anyone.Stop spreading the fear of man, start spreading the wisdom and fear of our Creator and Designer Yahuah Elohim!Practice Cleanliness.
Eat clean foods according to Natural law.
Build up your Immune system with herbs.
Quarantine IF you are sick.#naturalhealth #eighty20 #immunityPurify the air you breathe with a Steam Treatment! Orange, Lemon or Lime Peels, Sea Salt. Add Garlic or Ginger, and/or Cayenne if you’re serious.You could also use a diffuser with essential oils.Many diseases are simply mucus growing in different places of the body. Your body needs to be cleansed.Cleanse your body with herbs, tea, a steam treatment, an essential oil diffuser, or a fast.

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